This is a scaling chart for increasing or decreasing the size of your doll patterns by percentages!

The numbers running down the left-hand edge of the chart would be the size of the pattern you have. The numbers running across the top of the chart are for the size to which you want to enlarge your pattern.

Run your pointer down the side of the chart to the number size closest to what you have, now run your pointer straight across to the row of the size you want your pattern to be. The number in the box is the percentage you would need to enlarge your pattern to get the size you want.

Example: You have a size 16" pattern but you want to enlarge it to fit an 18" doll. By running your pointer across to the 18" row you come to the number 113. So you need to enlarge your 16" pattern 113% to get a size 18".

Please be aware that although the size change percentages on this chart are absolutely correct, final outcome of your pattern enlargement depends greatly on the accuracy of sizing in your original pattern.

Pattern Scaling Chart
courtesy of Perfect Patterns

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