Sewing Lessons
Perfect Pattern Style 8

You may print out this page and take it with when you go to the
fabric shop! Download or print out all the pages included in the
sewing lessons for this pattern and create a notebook to follow at home.
Scroll down - Your materials list and the links to the lesson pages are at the bottom.

3 pattern sizes available - one size per pattern

With photo's and instructions by Marsha Olson

Materials List:

1/4 yard woven fabric for the short dress in Gene or Kitty size
1/3 yard for the long version.
1/3 yard for the short in Cissy size, 1/2 yard for the long.
-----cotton, satin, taffeta, light weight wool, dupioni silk, etc.
lining fabric
4-5 sew-on snaps
6 x 6 inch scrap (Gene and Kitty)
8 x 8 inch scrap (Cissy)
-----swimwear, lycra spandex, or other very stretchy knit
Fabric scraps -----suede-cloth works best(not ultra suede, too heavy), felt, thin leather, etc.
Thin cardboard (the back cover of a spiral notebook works well)
1/8 - 1/4 inch soft craft foam
Thin craft batting
Glue (I prefer Beacon Fabri-Tac Permanent Adhesive)
Flat toothpicks
Needle and thread

Lesson 1 - Gloves
Lesson 2 - Bodice and Collar
Lesson 3 - Waistband and Skirt
Lesson 4 - Hat