Perfect Patterns
Project 3 Pattern Style 22
Lesson 4

With photographs and instructions
by Marsha Olson
(printout 5-6 pages)

1. Stitch the darts in the skirt front
and skirt front lining.
2. Press darts away from one another
towards the side seams.
3. Stitch the darts in the skirt backs
and linings. Trim excess fabric to the
point of the dart, and press darts open,
or, press darts towards side seams
for thin fabrics.
4. Stitch front to backs at side seams on skirt and
lining. Clip every 1/4" from hip to waist.
5. Press side seams open.

6. Stitch the lining to the skirt from the lower
clip mark on one side, across the hem, and up to
the lower clip mark on the other side, creating
an extension on one side. The straight side will
overlap the extension making the kick pleat.

7. Turn the skirt so the skirt and lining
make a long tube. Pin the center back seam
on the skirt together and pin the center
back seam on the lining together.

8. Stitch the skirt and lining center back
seams separately from the upper notch to
the lower notch.

9. Trim the corners off and
clip down to the extension.
10. Press the center back seams open.
11. Turn the skirt right side out
and press the hem and kick pleat.
Hand finish the top corner of
the extension as shown in the photo
and then tuck it under the straight
edge and tack it down to
hold it in place.
12. Stitch the back opening edges
(right to right and left to left)
together. Pin one while the skirt
is still turned right side out
so you don't make a mistake.

The right skirt back has the extensions that are covered by the left skirt back overlaps, the extension for the back opening and the split at the bottom end up with a small raw edge opening at the top of the split and the bottom of the back opening. When finishing the skirt, tuck the raw edge up inside itself to make a slightly angled finished edge that can be drawn over and hand finished and tacked down to the lining.

Try the skirt on the doll to check the fit.

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