Linda Schuck d.2005

I grew up in a small college town in PA. and came to NYC to go to the Fashion Institute of Technology. I graduated with a degree in Apparel Design in the mid 60's. Then I worked as a designer in the garment industry of New York City for over 30 years. I designed children's clothing and specialized in the difficult 7-14 size range.

I got married, but had no children. My dogs have taken that place in our lives. Currently we have a cute Westie named Reggie. Here is a picture of him. He's shy.

Early in my marriage, I began building a scale dollhouse from scratch. As I progressed, I figured I needed a family to live there. So on came the tiny porcelain people. As kits of course, and needing clothes. This led to dressing dolls to sell so I could pay for my hobby...

One thing lead to another and before long, the dolls I was making had grown enormously in size. From 3" they were now up to 30". Antique reproductions need lots of lovely Victorian clothing, and that began my entry into antique fabrics and laces. I still love all these old looks, and as I began moving forward with my original love of dolls, I have continued carrying this look with me.
Gene looks lovely in her movie role costumes, as well as some of the other dolls in theirs.

Robert Tonner's little girls have kept my original designing field alive as well. And now I will be branching slightly forward as I add the Volks Super Dollfies to my website in the near future.

My website is up and running, but will be updated again very soon....come and take a look! Click on the "Scotties Fancies" logo below.

Linda Schuck

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