Online Sewing Classes
Are Available At All Times!

Start with the first class and work your way
through each one learning new sewing techniques
and improved methods for sewing in small scale.

Classes are $12.00 (pattern included)
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Style 8

Make a sleeveless dress with a set-in
wide waistband and optional collar. The dress can be
made in any length. Also included is the scalloped
brim hat and mitt style gloves. Detailed instructions
with photographes of each step make this class easy and
fun for novice or expert. Simple and basic, there are
many options for making this design over differently
each time.

Available in 3 sizes (order by size):
15 1/2" Gene
18" Kitty
20" Cissy

Style 18

Inspired by a classic Christian Dior ball gown
the Perfect Patterns Petal Dress is much simpler
to make than it looks. Get elegant 'perfect every
time' petals using the sew-over paper method learned
in the Style 8 class. Also includes opera length gloves.

Available in 4 sizes (order by size):
Gene - Tyler - Alex - Eve - Ellowyne
16" Franklin Mint Marilyn Monroe/Liz Taylor
18" Kitty
20" Cissy
Style 22

This is a classic 40's style suit with a
decorative twist. The skirt is a standard
straight pencil style with or without a
kickpleat opening in the back hem. The pleated
neckscarf is attached to the inside at the
shoulder seam, wraps around the neck and is
pulled through a buttonhole style opening
on the same side. The hat is a unique cross-
hatch style with a pleated fan back.
You will be learning new lining techniques!

Available in 3 sizes (order by size):
15 1/2" Gene
18" Kitty
20" Cissy
Style 29

Designed by Ashton Drake (Gene) designer
Michelle Tibbetts!

This is the perfect basic princess seam
pattern from which dozens of different
styles can be made. The pattern comes with
three different neck styles, two sleeve styles
(or sleeveless) in three lengths each, and is
marked for four different dress lengths. A total
of 88 or more possible style changes.
This is a 'must have' pattern in every size.

Available in 5 sizes (order by size):
15 1/2" Gene
16" Tyler
18" Kitty
19" American Model
20" Cissy
Style 39

Just for fun we developed a Victorian style
pattern to teach the simple machine sewing
techniques of inset lace, pintucking, and
other sewing terms of 'yesteryear'. The class
is great fun and your results are spectacular!

Contains patterns for a camisole, pantaloons-
pantelettes, blouse with 'leg-o-mutton' sleeves,
and a skirt with several inset lace options.

Available in 3 sizes (order by size):

Small: fits 15-16" fashion dolls
(Separate pattern pieces included for Alex,
F&B Brenda Starr, Butterfly Ring Dolls, Clea Bella,
Eve, Gene, Kingstate Dolls, and Tyler & friends.)

Medium: fits 17-18" fashion dolls
(Separate pattern pieces included for Kitty
and MA Coco.)

Large: fits 19-21" fashion dolls
(Separate pattern pieces included for Modern
Cissy, Vintage Cissy, and 19" American Model.)

Style 73
All sizes available in PDF

This darling coat and bonnet set teaches
you wonderful hand sewing methods such
as the invisible slip stitch. Using a
lightweight fabric this pattern could also
be made as a coat-dress. Learn real millinery
techniques for hat and bonnet making.

Available in 4 sizes (order by size):
7 1/2" Riley
8" Tiny Betsy
10" Ann Estelle
14" Betsy McCall

Style 86
All sizes available in PDF

Back to basics with this little girls three
piece set. Learn finishing techniques for
unlined garments such as the sleeveless blouse
with bound armholes. Learn to make perfect collars
every time! Tiny pockets decorate the lined jacket.
Learn a new time saving way to line jackets!

Available in 1 size:
11" LEEANN by Denis Bastian
Also fits 12" Marley Wentworth perfectly!

Although this is not a class, it has come in very handy!
Print out the pattern and instructions for yourself: Sewing Ham