2013 Oz Wedding Challenge - Entry #13

"Dorothy's Love Story"

by Gloria Longamore

Dorothy returned to visit Oz for several years after her first visit. Whether a dream or reality, only Dorothy knows for sure. During one of her visits... over the rainbow... she met a young man walking alone in the field of poppies. They quickly struck up a conversation and soon became very good friends. As it turned out, this young man was none other than the Wizard's son, who had been away in a distant land on Dorothy's first visit to this wonderful place called Oz, a place somewhere between reality and make believe. The young man's name, while known to the inhabinets of Oz, remained a secluded secret and Dorothy knew him only as The Wizard's Son. By name or by title, this one thing Dorothy knew for sure...he was magnificent! His smile could melt her heart and chase away all her fears when she thought about him, which she found she was doing more and more as the days and years went by.

One day while daydreaming and thinking about this enchanting young man she was startled to see someone walking towards her in the meadow. As he drew closer she recognized the form as none other than the young man she had just been dreaming about. By now they had both grown to adulthood, and to anyone who happened to observe them, they were clearly in love with each other.
The young man approached and knelt beside Dorothy and took her
hand in his. He spoke softly, fearing that he would frighten her if he
was too hasty with what he was about to ask. "Dorothy" he said.
"I have waited so many years for the time to be right to come to you.
You must know that I have fallen in love with you, and so many times
during our walks in the poppy fields I nearly asked you to be my bride,
but the time was not right, until now." Dorothy trembled as he held her
hand and she looked longingly into his eyes. She knew that she too
had fallen in love with him and nothing this side or the other side of the
rainbow, for that matter, would make her happier than to spend her life
with him.

One thing was troubling her though....what is his real name? She had
always avoided the subject because she was not one to ever be impolite.
As though reading her thoughts, the young man stood to his feet and said..
"As my bride you will need to be able to use my name as it will be yours
as well. I am Prince Victorious of Oz and as my bride you will be Princess
Dorothy Victorious of Oz, A name that suits you well, for you were the
one that was victorious over the wicked witch of the West and freed the
land of Oz from her evil power. If you will agree to be my bride, our home
will be Over the Rainbow and the bluebirds will sing for you each day,"
Dorothy's heart felt light and free as she smiled and assured Prince Victorious
that she would be most happy to be his wife. "Then so it shall be." said the Prince.
"We will be married in Oz and the whole land will come to rejoice in our happiness."
And so began the preparation for the wonderful union of
Dorothy and Prince Victorious of Oz.