2013 Oz Wedding Challenge - Entry #10

"The Miracle of Rainbows!"

by Carla Holland

It was that time of year again. We're headed for the state fair, Aunt Em to enter her picalilly and grandmas gardern quilt she worked on all winter long. Uncle Henry his prize swine, 'Oinkers' who was doing that just now in the back of the pickup.

Dorothy herself was thinking about her rainbow dream, was it real? or? Soon Uncle Henry was looking for a parking spot and a place to unload near the animal barns. Auntie Em left her to go find the places to enter her things leaving Dororthy to walk the midway looking for whatever it was that was drawing her to the fair this year more then any other.

Looking to the sky she saw a rainbow, well she thought, lets follow it. It took her too the most beautiful hot air balloon she'd ever seen and also the most beautiful man she'd ever seen..
Emerald eyes..Oh My!
He saw her too, as they talked, he felt like they had met before.
"What is your name?"
"Dorothy" she said, with that he smiled "who? the witches Dorothy?"
Said he..still grinning..MY!
"You've heard of me? How?" said Dorothy.
"My uncle is the Wonderful Wizard of OZ.
"OH! Then its true my dream was really real!"
"Yes!" he said "I've been sent here to find you."
....After a wonderful week together it was decided she would return to Oz
(with aunt Em and Uncle Henrys blessings).
Being a sweet and senstive young woman..Dorothy waited til her arrival in
Oz to get the help she needed to create a very special and symbolic day.

Poppies were everywhere, her crown was made of tin to please the Tinman.
also the heart shaped flowers on her muff of faux fur (being careful not to
scare the poor Lion again) and to make sure no animals were hurt.
The garter of straw and the straw in her bouquet for the Scarecrow.
her rainbow dress also to honar the horse of a different color. Special
glittery green vail for emerald city..and the tiny shiny bubbles for Glinda
the Good Witch of the North.

Toto carried the rings on a special pillow.

They were married by the wizard himself.
Glinda surprised them with a flurry of flowers and butterflys fluttering down
as they said their I DO'S!
It was a most memorable day!
A day to remember always!