2013 Oz Wedding Challenge - Entry #8

by Sybil Grieco

Dorothy stood sadly looking at the farm. This would be her last day here and her head is full of memories of Auntie Em and Uncle Henry. They'd been gone a while and she had been trying to run the farm alone. Good help was hard to find and the farm was failing. When the big farming conglomerate gave her an offer to sell, she accepted their offer gladly.

As she looked out in the distance she noticed the sky had changed. Come to think of it so had the air. Oh no, another tornado , she thought. She started running to the shelter but this one was a very fast moving one and caught up to her quickly . It's like it's coming after me, she thought. The last thing she heard was the a loud whoosh and she was swept up in and taken away.
When she came too she saw a familiar face looking down at her. Can it be?
It's the Tinman!
"Am I over the Rainbow?" she asked in amazement.
"Look! It's Dorothy!" said the Tinman.
There was a lot of excitement as they hugged and tried to catch up on the twelve
years that Dorothy had been away.
The Tinman took her around the Emerald City where she met up with her old friends.
The Scarecrow is now the Mayor of Emerald City and is married with 3 children.
The Lion is the King of the Forest and rules with his Lioness and many cubs.
The Tinman is head of the DWW; Department of Wicked Witches. He is n charge of
finding Evil Witches and also helping the victims of their spells.
Dorothy spent much time with the Tinman going to parties in her honor as well as visiting
the lands they had been to on their previous journey. She had forgotten how beautiful some
of the them were and amazed at how well everything had fared under her friends care.
Throughout Tinman would relate stories to her about the improvements and how well
everyone was affected. She saw how proud he was of his job. In Munchkin Land the
towns people had a parade for her and would take her aside and praise the good deeds
of the Tinman. It was obvious they all loved him.
That night at dinner Dorothy again remarked at how wonderful OZ was doing and
how happy the people seemed. She praised the Tinman for all he and the others had done.
"Thank-you Dorothy, but some of the credit goes to you. You freed us from the evil of
the Wicked Witch and taught us how to rule by Intelligence, compassion and to be
brave enough to live by our principles."

"I have a confession, Dorothy. I missed you so much . I've learned a lot about magic
over the years and called up that tornado to sweep you back here to us... to me."

Dorothy was stunned. She had never imagined!

As time went by, Dorothy found herself spending most of her time of the Tinman.
She started helping him with his work and when he went away on business she
missed him way too much. She realized she cared for him deeply. When he asked
her to marry him she agreed!

The Wedding was the Event of the Year. The Scarecrow performed the ceremony with the Lion as Best Man and Glinda the Good Witch as Maid of Honor. After being pronounced Man and Wife, they kissed. Everyone cheered! From that moment on they lived......
Happily Ever After!!!