2013 Oz Wedding Challenge - Entry #5

by Gerry Broerman

Dorothy had been back to OZ only once since the day of the tornado. She had been summoned by the Great and powerful wizard. He needed her help. He and Glinda had married and they had a son that he wanted to go to Kansas to study at the University. He wanted Dorothy to meet him and take him to Kansas and help him get used to life outside OZ. So Dorothy brings Zachary back to Kansas to help him get enrolled in the University and used to life in Kansas.
Zachary, really liked being in Kansas and he and Dorothy spent a lot of time together.
They were falling in love.

On the day that Zachary graduated from the University, his parents called him back to OZ.
Dorothy was heart broken.

She was so much in love with Zachary she didn't know if she could stand it without him.
Zachary was so much in love with Dorothy also.
He returned to OZ and he pleaded and pleaded with his parents to let him return to Kansas
to be with Dorothy.
One year passed. Zachary still pleaded every day to his parents to let him go back to Dorothy.

Glinda and Oscar couldn't stand the boy being so heart broken any longer.
They decided to arrange a surprise for their son. They got everyone together and
planned the biggest surprise ever. Scarecrow, Tin Man, Lion and the Munchkins
worked day and night in secret getting the secret together.
They found a beautiful spot near a waterfall with trees and flowers all around to build a
small gazebo. They had it all decorated for the surprise.
The Munchkins started making special outfits for everyone to wear and preparing
the food for the festivities.

Glinda and Oscar called their son in as soon as everything was set up to tell him
of the surprise. They told him he could go back to Kansas for 1 day to see Dorothy and
if she agreed to the stipulations of the surprise then she could return to OZ.
Zachary was so happy he wasted no time going back to Dorothy.
He really surprised her when he showed up unannounced.
He knocked on her door and when she opened the door he got down on one knee
and pulled a ring from his pocket. Dorothy almost fainted when she saw the ring.
He took her hand and while putting the ring on asked her to be his wife. She fell into
his arms and said, "Yes, I will marry you." Then he proceeded to tell her about the
stipulations that had to be agreed upon

1. They had to return to OZ immediately to be married.

2. They had to live in OZ for 6 months out of each year and if they wanted they could
return to Kansas for the other 6 months of each year.

3. When they had children, the children had to be brought to OZ to visit whenever their
grandparents wanted to see them.

Dorothy immediately agreed to the terms. She was so much in love with Zachary.
She didn't want to waste anytime.
She packed her bags and they returned to OZ. As soon as she arrived Glinda and
the Munchkins whisked her off. They Munchkins had made her a beautiful gown to wear.
Tin Man was to be her best person and Finley (the monkey) was to be Zachary's best man.
Lion was to carry her train. Scarecrow was to give her away and China Girl was to be
the flower girl. Everything was all set.
Oscar and Finley took Zachary to the waterfall.
Then the procession started with China Girl followed by Tin Man.
Then Dorothy walking down the flower lined path on the arm of her best friend Scarecrow
with Lion trying to carry the train while trying to wipe his tears with his tail.
They were married.....

Note from the designer: This story is based on both the Wizard of OZ characters and The Great and Powerful Oz character. Since The Great and Powerful OZ has sort of a Steam punk look I designed the Dorothy's wedding gown with that in mind. The skirt was made with a beautiful batik print. There are hand made box pleat ruffles with ribbon rosettes sewn in rows on the skirt. Includes a stripe peasant blouse with a suede corset, striped stockings and big hat with the same ruffles and rosettes as on the skirt. Also, the outfit includes a pair of lace up the front red boots with red glitter to complete Dorothy's outfit. The red glitter boots are my steam punk version of the ruby red shoes.