2013 Oz Wedding Challenge - Entry #4

by Phyllis Burki

Dorothy returns to Oz to marry her one and only true love. Hunk or better known to most as Scarecrow.. Her feelings for him developed over the course of their friendship. Their first meeting being in a cornfield in the Munchkin Country of Oz. While Scarecrow was busy trying to find a brain.Dorothy was slowly falling in love. Throughout their travels together in the land of Oz. He was consumed with keeping her safe and acquiring a brain.While never seeing what was really happening with Dorothy's heart..Not realizing he had brains all along .As she reveals her feelings to him before leaving OZ...Scarecrow thinks her feelings just can't be real..Maybe she is mistaking gratitude for love..Once Dorothy has left with the great Wizard of Oz to return to Kansas.. Scarecrow see's he has been the most intelligent of the travelers all along..But as time goes on he awakens to the fact he is in love with Dorothy as well.
Now he is finding a broken heart's much worst with a brain always thinking of his loss.
While back in Kansas Dorothy grows up. Thoughts of Hunk never far from her heart.
She ponders what he told her when she left Oz...As realization hits her, why Hunk loves
her too.. She must find a way back and to show him, he loves her...She knows she has
to find the great and powerful Wizard...
He can help her find her way back to OZ.
After many searches and much travel she finds him at a show in Kansas City .
The Wizard is not surprised to see her.After all he knew she was in love, when they
left Munchkin Country..But knowing, love has to run its natural course.You must help
me get back Dear Wizard. For I know Hunk loves me as much as I do him..
Preparations are made for them to return to the land of Oz. Dorothy say's her goodbys
to Kansas and family. She knows her new life will be in Oz with Hunk.
Return to Oz.
Hunk (aka Scarecrow) has undergone some major changes himself.....
With his new intelligence he finds he has a heart too.
A heart longing to tell Dorothy he loves her, he wants to marry her.
Taking on more human form day by day.
All the while the Munchkin's plainly saw the transformation taking place.
In secret they were making plans for a wedding..It would be the biggest most grandest
most colorful wedding in the history of all of Oz..
Dorothy returns to OZ.
The great rainbow colored hot air balloon comes into site of Oz..
Munchkin land comes alive with activity.
Hunk is there to greet Dorothy as she lands.
After both declare their love for one another.
Hunk proposes on bended knee in view of all Munchkin Country ..
The Munchkins whisk each off in different directions..

Make ready for the Greatest wedding of all Oz-Dom...
Hunk awaits at the alter in his colorful Tux.
Tin-man appears as best man.
Toto scatters flowers along the aisle..
The Lion of Courage will officiate the wedding..

Dorothy arrives at the alter.
In the carriage of horses of a different color..
In her beautiful Rainbow Colored Beaded & Sequined wedding dress.
Created by all of the talent of the
Munchkins of Munchkin Country of Oz.
Where in the land of OZ all things are possible
if you have the intelligence ,heart and courage to just believe..
Wow I guess we really aren't in Kansas anymore..

Note from the designer:

The dress is a pattern I designed from a late 1800's photo from the Delineator magazine.
I hand beaded it all over.
The fur at the hemline is made from the wicked witch's head flying monkey...
Of course No monkey's were hurt in the making.. He was just shaved..