2013 Oz Wedding Challenge - Entry #2

by Rachel Lee Tande

In the years that followed Dorothys trip to Oz she had dreamed of the day she would return.
Try as she may once back in Kansas Dorothy thought of nothing but returning to Oz.
Nothing about Kansas was anything like Oz.
She was happy initially to see Uncle Henry and Auntie Em but that happiness was turned sour by the cruel hands of time.

When Dorothy had went to Oz her Aunt and Uncle had been old but when she returned
the whole ordeal seemed to have turned them elderly over night and within the twenty years
since her return from Oz both had made that long journey home.
Aunt Em having just took that train yesterday to meet Uncle Henry.

Now Dorothy had no one in this world left,
her dear little Toto had made his journey at the age of ninety nine in dog years.

Dorothy just could not fathom how to return to Oz?
Suddenly like a bolt from the blue the answer came to her, "the ruby slippers!"
She had not thought of the slippers since her return from Oz all those years ago.
How was that even possible, to forget those lovely shoes?
She couldn't remember having ever seen them since her return.

Her mind racked back through her memory, she awoke as if from sleep in her bed,
in her little room surrounded by everyone; Aunt Em, Uncle Henry, Hickory, Hunk, Zeke,
and Professor Marvel.
What had happened, how had she gotten there, what had happened to the slippers?

Auntie Em had stayed on the farm until her last breath.
Dorothys last job was to clean out the entire house, it was already sold,
and the new owner wanted it empty or not. He was going to tear it down.
Aunt Em had kept everything and Dorothy had no idea what to do with it all.
She after all lived in a tiny apartment over the drug store in Topeka.

Turning the dial Dorothy turned on the old radio they had listened to every night after supper while Uncle Henry smoked his pipe and Auntie Em did her needle work, their chairs both in the spots they had been in before Dorothy even came to live with them.
The radio would muffle the silence as she went about her daunting task. Not being able to bear disturbing their things Dorothy went to her old room as she turned the knob and the door opened it was like she was taken back in time everything looked the same as if she still occupied this little room.
Aunt Em kept it this way, but then of course she did nothing in the house had aged but the people. Dorothy opened the closet door expectantly, taking a deep breath her shoulders back, and then he breath escaped her and her shoulders drooped. There on the floor were her old black shoes, where she was hoping to see ruby slippers.

Oddly enough the blue gingham dress was hanging in the closet; gingerly she fingered the hem, taking it out she thought, "why not?" So she stood before the mirror observing the dress was a little loose around the waist, the absence of baby fat, her hair was now coiffed in the popular bouffant style of the time not the pigtails, she was older, but her hair was the same deep auburn, and across her nose were still the freckles of youth. She slipped one foot into the black shoe and then the other.
They sure wern't ruby slippers!

A sudden crack of thunder caused Dorothy to jump, and across the radio came an alarm and the weather man announced a tornado had been sighted in the area, to seek shelter immediately. Suddenly it was like Dorothy was being transported back in time to when her and Toto were running down the long drive towards the farm searching for Auntie Em!
She had came back into her room after having tried the cellar and everything had went black. Out of the corner of her eye Dorothy had seen something black run out of the room and into the hallway. Her only thought was "Toto?" and she ran down the hall after whatever it was. But as she called and looked about she saw nothing.
Chiding herself she went back to her room and opened the window, soon after which she regretted that decision. The wind whipped through the room giving evidence of the impending storm and she struggled fiercely to close it again. As she struggled with the window she had to shake her head as she looked out she saw the house was lifting off the ground!

Dorothy pushed back from the window in horror; she was up inside the cyclone!
It was happening, again! Would she land back in Oz?
She sat back on the bed as it slid across the room and back again and when the
house landed with a thump she could not bring the courage to look out the window.
She did not want to see what was outside she walked into the living room and to the front door.
She pressed herself to the door resting her head against it.
What would be on the other side?
This was too good to be true!
Slowly she opened the door a crack, and as she peered out
she found herself back where it had all started, Munchkin Land!?
As Dorothy stepped out of the house she noticed that Munchkin Land
did not quite look as it had the first time she visited here.
Munchkin land had been so bright and colorful before,
now it was dull as if faded by time, less colorful.
All the little houses looked boarded up, deserted.
Dorothy scanned the sky searching for the bubble of Glinda
the good witch of the North,
who had heralded her arrival before, the sky was filled with clouds.
Sudden panic overtook Dorothy and she ran about the house,
fear of finding feet sticking out from beneath it again.
But she saw or heard nothing! What had happened here while she was gone?
"What am I going to do?" Dorothy said out loud.
When a burst of flames shot out of the ground and out of smoke
as if from Dorothys memories appeared Ms. Gulch or in Oz
the wicked witch of the West!
"How can it be?" Dorothy murmured, "I watched you evaporate?"

"I have been waiting a long time for this day!"
The witch cackled, her boney finger jolted out toward Dorothy menacingly.
"You're the wicked witch of the West!" Dorothy accused.

The witch ignored Dorothys question and said, "You have something I want!" pointing to Dorothys feet. Which to Dorothys utter surprise were clad in the ruby red slippers! "How did that happen?" she blinked. "They were only my old black shoes!"

And suddenly Dorothy felt a little more confident. The words Glinda had spoken rang in her ears, "As long as you wear those slippers no harm can come to you!" Feeling her surge of confidence she told the witch boldly, "You have no power here, so be gone!"
And with a smirk she added, "Before someone drops a house on you!"

The witch scanned the sky and with a puff of smoke vanished.

Dorothy sighed, she wondered forlornly if she was right and the witch had no power here? Where were Glinda and the munchkins? Why had they abandoned their city?
There was nothing for Dorothy to do but head for the Emerald City, again. Her first send off down the yellow brick road had been a far brighter affair.
And what she wouldn't give now for Toto's company!

When she came to the four corners she knew deep inside that he would not be there, but how she had hoped he would. And when all that was left of the woodman's cottage was the chimney her heart sank.

Even the trees that were ever so hostile over there apples were nothing more than stumps in the ground now. The dark forest was so quiet not even a tiger or a bear to be found. Thank heavens the field of poppies had died out long ago. And now where she stood she could see in the distance the Emerald City, but it was not bright as ever. It looked more like Jade now. But she pressed on; she had to find out what had happened here!

As she neared the gate, she wondered if they had fixed the bell. Or had she better knock to be certain? Her knock was answered by the door slowly opening. When a head poked out she could not be happier to see the face! "Tin-man, it's you!"
"Dorothy, thank goodness you have returned!" Tin-man smiled. And out ran a flash of black fur and jumped into Dorothys arms!

"Toto, how can this be?" Dorothy smiled and held the tiny dog as he kissed her face. "Oh, Toto came back not long after you left! He has been waiting for you like the rest of us!" Tin-man explained. "Where is everyone? I really want to see them! Why is everything so dark here?" Dorothy had so many questions.

As the Tin-man took Dorothy into the Emerald City she noticed the changes inside too. Nobody was about in the town. For sure people lived their but they kept indoors. They made their way through the streets of the Emerald City to the apartment where the Wizard resided.
But the Wizard had left Oz shortly before her in his hot air balloon. The door opened and out stepped the Cowardly-Lion, a smile quickly spread his face when he saw who was accompanying the Tin-man. "Dorothy, finally you are here!" Lion smiled and gave Dorothy a hug!

"Yes, Lion, I have finally found my way back!" she smiled feeling a bit better now having seen their familiar faces, but there was one more she really wanted to see! "Where..." Dorothy started to ask of him but suddenly he appeared. The same stoic face she had seen in many a dream. "Scarecrow..."

"Dorothy!" they embraced and looked into each other's eyes and it was if not a moment had passed since they had last saw each other. The four friends, five with Toto, adjourned inside the little abode and the three caught Dorothy up on how the wicked witch of the west had a daughter who now was terrorizing Oz much as her mother and aunt had in the days of long ago.

The Munchkins and Glinda were all in Emerald City awaiting Dorothys return as was everyone. They all knew it would be soon, the prophecy had proclaimed it. Dorothys return with the ruby slippers would signal a new era for Oz. The end of the reign of terror of Gully the new witch of the west would be over.

Glinda now joined the friends in catching Dorothy up on her part and place in Oz. Dorothy questioned how Toto had came to be in Oz. Glinda explained that in Kansas Toto was subject to the life expectancy of earth, but in Oz that was higher. Toto was a smart dog and knew that the slippers were only camouflaged on earth when he knew it would not be much longer he went to the slippers and wished to be in Oz.

Once here his vim and vigor returned. Dorothy had many questions along that subject, and a gander in a mirror had Dorothy mesmerized. Her own reflection looked back to when she herself was only eighteen. And then the question of how old everyone was arose.
"So many questions Dorothy, we have plenty of time to answer them." Glinda smiled at her patiently. "However they are best to be asked when the task at hand is finished."
There was no need to ask what task must be done, the five had done this task before and so it must be done again. They had to kill the wicked witch!
Well this brings us to the point we are at now! The five went about destroying the Witch much like they did the first time. And when it was accomplished, Oz was returned to the vibrant colorful world Dorothy had left.

Everyone rejoiced, and the Scarecrow did what he always wanted to do. He asked Dorothy to be his bride! And she said yes!
The Tin-man now having his heart back renewed his love affair with the beautiful Munchkin girl and Lion found a darling Emerald City gal, she worked in the Beauty Salon. And Toto had reacquainted himself with the cat that almost kept him and Dorothy in Oz the first time. The wedding of Scarecrow and Dorothy soon approaches, and you are all invited!

It will truly be an event like Oz has never seen! The Tin-man has graciously accepted Scarecrows request to stand as witness for him, and Lion will do the same for Dorothy.

The skirt of Dorothys wedding dress was fashioned from part of the Scarecrows mothers patch work quilt. There was only enough left for a tea length skirt.
The burgundy bolero was made from his father a smoking jacket.
The brooch was a gift from Glinda the good witch of the North.
The rest of the outfit was purchased in Emerald city.

The wedding itself would be held at four corners yellow brick road, where their story began.

The day of the wedding Dorothy was so nervous it was hard for her and Lion to tell whose knees were knocking louder.
"Dorothy I have a present for you", Lion said bashfully pulling from behind him a beautiful bouquet of poppies.
"Oh, Lion!" she laughed, "Are they safe!" Lion smiled sheepishly, "Ya, I smelled them myself!" She graciously accepted the gift giving Lion a hug and kiss on the cheek.
There was a knock at the door. "Come in" said Dorothy. It was the Tin Man. He too had a gift for Dorothy, his was a little wicker basket. "Oh, thank you Tin Man, this is perfect to carry my bouquet!"

The End...Really.