2013 Oz Wedding Challenge Entries:

Congratulations to the Winning Entry!

by Dave Rekosh!

2013 Oz Wedding Challenge
Rules and Prizes
Sponsored by Marsha Olson and Perfect Patterns!

Dorothy returns to Oz to marry her true love.

The challenge is to describe her sweetheart and tell their love story....
(for example: Tinman, Wizard, Flying Monkey, Mayor of Emerald City, or maybe just the boy next door -
please limit your 'story' to 3 paragraphs or less. This is a design challenge, not a story contest. Thank you.) and

design and make Dorothy's wedding gown!
(If you wish to design and make your grooms outfit or any other member of the wedding party, that would be a plus, but is not necessary to enter the challenge.)
You may use any doll you like for the challenge. Backgrounds and props would be great.

1. You must be a member of the Perfect Patterns yahoo group to enter the challenge!

Click to join Perfect Patterns

2. Remember Dorothy left black and white Kansas and escaped
"Over the R a i n b o w"
So, no white or any traditional color weddings allowed!
Let your imagination run Wild!

3. Dorothys wedding gown must be your original design and never previously published or shown.

4. Keep it a deep dark secret, don't show anyone, your entry will be voted on by the Perfect Patterns yahoo group members
If you have a standard background that would be recognized as yours, please use something else.

5. Your story and photos of your wedding gown must be submitted as email attachments before
midnight June 30, 2013 to Marsha Olson at perfectpatterns@mchsi.com

You may submit up to 3 photos.

All prizes go to the winner of the challenge.

Grand Prize - Tonner/Effanbee 10" Patsy doll
Donated by Marsha Olson - Perfect Patterns Group Owner

(Due to limited availability and production dates, hair color will be my choice.)

Donated by Joan Thilges - Perfect Patterns Group Moderator
A lovely and generous selection of fabrics, trims, and accessories suitable for Patsy.

Donated by Karen Bullen - Perfect Patterns Group Member
A wonderful prize of 3 pairs of shoes and socks to fit Patsy!