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Hats and clothing designed and handmade by Marsha Olson.

"Windy Day"
Item No. 1014
for 13.5" Little Darling
or Betsy McCall or any doll with a 8.5" head.

As I was setting up the doll in my little 'photo studio'
area, I was absentmindedly thinking about what name
I would give this piece. My first thought was it would be
a very cute hat for Fall. I took the first picture without
noticing that her hair was across her face as if blown
there by a chilly wind. I immediately pushed her hair back
to get a clear photo, but...the more I looked at the set
of photos, the more I liked that wind-blown look. So that's
how it got it's name: Fall > hair > wind-blown > "Windy Day".

This is a cloche style hat made of oatmeal colored wool blend
felt. It has an oversize brim folded back and trimmed with a
felt chrysanthemum with dark green leaves.

$17.00 plus USPS shipping

(Shipping will be adjusted for special requests)

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