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Hats and clothing designed and handmade by Marsha Olson.

"The Snow Child" A Russian Folk Tale
Item No. 1013
fits 13.5" Little Darling or Betsy McCall

'The Snow Child' is a Russian folklore story about an old couple who were sad because they had no children of their own. One winter, after hearing the laughter and watching the children in the town build snowmen, they thought it would be wonderful to build themselves a Snow Child, a little girl they could pretend was real, if only for a day. But when they were finished, the old woman kissed the Snow Child and she sprang suddenly to life.
(based on a book by children's folklore novelist author Freya Littledale)

Made of pale pink felt and fully lined with light weight china silk, the coat is fitted with front and back center panels separated with thin handmade piping which is also attached to the sleeves and the edge of the hat brim. The front and back side panels of the coat end with a gathered 'skirt' section. The oversize hat brim is sewn to a four-section cap and trimmed with vintage black hand-crocheted picot lace. The cross-stitch embroidery is done completely by hand on the fabric before each piece is cut and sewn.

Coat and Hat only
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