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Hats and clothing designed and handmade by Marsha Olson.

"Portrait of a Woman"
Item No. 1012
Titanic era gown for 10.5" Tiny Kitty

Nothing is quite so elegant as the Titanic Era fashions. Tiny Kitty embraces the times in this lovely palest pink dinner costume. The slender column of her strapless raw silk gown is covered with the deep scallops of embroidered lace, gathered slightly at the hips for shaping. The gown is completely lined with fine china silk. The tiny day jacket is made entirely of the same sculptured vintage lace, hand matched and gathered at the back to a dainty pink silk ribbon bow. The pink pearl necklace centered with a Swarovski crystal was made for this outfit and is included as the finishing touch to this perfect little ensemble.

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