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Tip # 1. Making A Small Pressing Ham by Charlene Kays
Take a toilet paper roll, stuff it with fabric (or stuffing) to make it hard. Cover it with craft foam and put a wool cover over it. This size works for pressing seams in Gene's straight skirts. You can make a second ham with an added layer of foam for one that is a little larger.

Tip # 2. Free Pattern For Miniature Ham
Pattern and Instructions
Tip # 3. Where to purchase a miniature ironing board!
HLAYG member Mary Soranno has them for sale on her website at a very reasonable price. Click Here
Tip # 4. Dying buttons!

from Jaci Vickers: You can use liquid dye to color plastic buttons to match your outfit. Pour a small amount of dye (just enough to cover the buttons) in a pot on the stove and bring it almost to a boil. Shake the bottle of dye well first as it sometimes settles.

Tip # 5. Tiny Buckles!
Donna Barber has a great source for buying small buckles online! Kathy's Kreations

Tip # 6. Supersilks!
SuperSilks has great prices on china silk for lining! This tip from Pat Stangel.

Tip # 7. LycraLady!
From Mary Saronno! A great place to order lycra fabrics for making gloves. "This lady doesn't have a website yet, but I have ordered from her and recommend her highly!" her email addy is

Tip # 8: Easy Darts!
From Linda Schad! When sewing tiny darts in doll clothes, instead of back-stitching, start and end with a very small stitch. This eliminates any problems you might have with a snarl of thread you sometimes get when using a back or lock-stitch.


Tip # 10: Making Shoes For Gene! Instruction Page

Tip # 11: Making Frogs and Ball Buttons!

Tip # 12: Chassie's Fashion Doll Comparison Chart

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