Perfect Patterns Style 142
"Squire Phoenix"
Squire: Young knight in training traditionally served as a body servant to an older established knight to care for his clothing and armor, and to be taught his fighting methods.

This is a medieval costume consisting of six basic pieces: a long sleeve back opening chain mail hauberk (shirt) and coif (hood), breeks (pants) that are full to the knee and tight to the ankle, two different tabards (long vest), belt, and bracers (wrist guards). 14 pattern pieces.

Traditionally the breeks (pants) are tightened below the knee with lacings (cross-garters) but I have taken design liberties to accomodate the boots.
The boot pattern is available to you in Perfect Patterns Style 143. They are fairly easy to make using ultra-suede and my detailed instructions.
For those of you purchasing the pattern in PDF format, an extra pattern page will be included with the tabard emblems on it. Special instructions for printing the emblems that will make the emblem very easy to apply will be included in the instruction sheet.

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