Perfect Patterns Style 39
"Lady in Time"
Complete Victorian outfit includes camisole, pantalettes, petticoat, high-necked blouse with full Gibson Girl type sleeves, and a skirt with inset lace panel across the front. This pattern is designed in a special way and will fit many sizes, not just the modern fashion dolls but antique lady dolls of all kinds also.

This pattern is constructed with multiple sizing in mind and although it is designed for the modern adult body fashion dolls, it will fit any body style including the antique leather body lady dolls.

Sizes Available:
Small: fits 15-16" fashion dolls
(Separate pattern pieces included for Alex, F&B Brenda Starr, Butterfly Ring Dolls, Clea Bella, Eve, Gene, Kingstate Dolls, and Tyler & friends.)
Medium: fits 17-18" fashion dolls
(Separate pattern pieces included for Kitty and MA Coco.)
Large: fits 19-21" fashion dolls
(Separate pattern pieces included for Modern Cissy, Vintage Cissy, and 19" American Model.)

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