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"Suit of Lights"
Marcia Cash "Traverler in Tyme", famous for her historical and era costumes, has designed the perfect companion pattern to compliment my Spanish/Southwest theme set of patterns for Gene Marshall. Released in 2002, the set can be viewed on the pattern page for Gene.
The Spanish Matador costume includes a collared dress shirt with long sleeves to be made of white cotton batiste or similar fabric. The tie is traditionally black and is tucked inside the vest portion of the one-piece very fitted cotton-knit or spandex jumpsuit with attached pale pink stockings. The "Suit of Lights" jacket can be made of any fabric, but is traditionally made of velvet or brocade and is generously embellished with gold or silver lace motifs or braid. The traditional 'bullfighters' hat can be made of black wool, velvet, or felt and should be lined in red satin or taffeta. Two capes are included to complete the authenticity of the costume. The first cape is the fashion cape which hangs in folds from the shoulder and is made of the same fabrics and lining as the jacket. The second cape is the Matadors 'Fighting Cape' and is made of any thin flowing silky fabric. In a real bullfight, the fighting cape would lay over the bullfighters sword, but for this costume we suggest you use a thin wooden dowel.

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Design by Marcia Cash

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