Making a Miniature Ham by Gillian Simpson*

Cut two sides from smooth 100% cotton fabric, such as muslin or calico. Alternatively, one side can be made from wool. Run gathering stitches on each piece separately, where marked. Pin the two sides together, right sides facing. Pull up the gathering stitchs of one piece until the gathers are fairly close together, then gather the other side to match. Sew with a small machine stitch 1/4" from the edge, leaving an opening where indicated. Double stitch for extra strength. Turn ham right side out.
Use cotton or wool to stuff the ham. You should be able to get this at a quilting supply store. Polyester stuffing does not hold up well to heat or steam, but will do if nothing else is available. The ham must be stuffed very firmly. Be careful not to have any lumps or empty pockets. Using small amounts of stuffing will help. Stuff until you think you can't get any more in, and then work some more in anyway. This project takes quite a surprising amount of stuffing!
When the ham is stuffed to your satisfaction, sew up the opening with a ladder stitch. Using the various curves of the ham, you can press just about any small seam easily.

* Note: This pattern and instructions were originally donated to the July 1999 "Here's Looking At You, Gene" Newsletter and has been reproduced by permission of HLAYG club.

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