"Painted Lady" Tie for Trent
With photo's and instructions
by Marsha Olson
(printout 5 pages)

1. Choose your fabric carefully. A tightly
woven silky or cotton type works best.
Always cut ties on the bias. Fabrics with
woven or printed stripes can be matched
to the diagonal cut of the bottom point.
Knits and thick fabrics are not appropriate
to use with this particular pattern.
2. Trace the tie and tie backing pattern on
to the paper backing of iron-on adhesive.

3. Using a 'dry' iron (no steam), press the
square of iron-on adhesive to the fabric,
checking to make sure the pattern
is on the bias.
4. Leaving the paper backing in place,
cut out the two pieces.

5. Peel off the paper backing.
6. Carefully press in all the edges of
the tie. Be careful to run the iron
only on the very edges so the adhesive
in the center is left intact.
7. Trim the edges of the tie backing
as needed. Backing should be a little
smaller than the tie so no edges show
from the right side.

8. Iron the backing to the back of the tie.

9. While the tie is still hot from
the ironing, cover it with a book or
some other flat object while it is
cooling. This will stop the tie from
distorting and force it to hang flat.
10. Using a small pair of sharp scissors,
cut out the 'painted lady', including
the white space between the arm and body.
You may find using the tip of a craft knife
to cut out the white space easier than scissors.
11. Peel off the paper backing and
iron the 'lady' directly on to the
front of the tie.

12. Cut a 3" to 3.5" piece of 1/8"
elastic. Round elastic cord can also
be used but is a little harder
to work with.

You can check the size of the elastic
by holding it loosely around the neck
and overlapping the ends 1/8".
13. Overlap the ends of the elastic
and sew together with a needle and
thread, forming a circle.
14. Attach the circle of elastic to
the top of the tie with a few hand
stitches. Sew above the fold line
marked on the pattern, so the
stitches will be on the back side
when the top is folded down.
15. Fold the top of the tie down on
the fold line so the circle of
elastic is towards the back.
16. Wrap thread around the middle
of the folded over section and pull
tightly to gather the 'knot'
of the tie. Secure.

Happy Crafting!

Print out the pattern!
(Using Internet Explorer as your default browser, the tie should
print out to 4 1/2" long. You may have to adjust the pattern by
enlarging in your photo editing program if you are using another browser.)

"Trents Tie Pattern"