Instructions for Making a Desktop Folder
and Saving Files
using Internet Explorer

(print out)

"Making A Desktop Folder"

Right click anywhere on your computer 'desktop' (your desktop is the screen that first appears when you turn on your computer).
A small dropbox will appear. In the dropbox, select the word 'New".
In the window that appears, select 'Folder'.
The drop box and window will disappear and a folder icon will appear on your desktop with the label highlighted and flashing (label must be flashing for this to work).
On your keyboard, type 'PP034MASKS'.
These words will now appear in the label box of your new folder.
Left click anywhere on your desktop, outside of the folder label, and the words in the folder label will be set.
Left click on the folder icon while holding the mouse button down and you can 'drag' the folder to place it anywhere on your desktop or you may transfer the folder into another folder if that is more convenient.

"Saving the Lesson Pages to The Folder"

Open your browser and go to the page you want to save, in this case, open the PDF file for each mask set. (If the link to the page was sent to you in an email you should be able to open the email and click on the page or link)
When you get to the page you want to save or have opened the PDF file, click on the word 'File' on the menu line in your browser. (Upper left hand corner)
In the dropbox, click 'Save As...'
A new dropbox will open. In the 'Save In' line, find and click on 'Desktop'.
On the list that appears, find and open the folder labeled 'PP034MASKS'. Click 'Save'.
Each PDF file can be saved in the same way.
In order to print out your masks pages, open the PDF file saved in your folder and follow the instructions for printing PDF files.

Click the 'Back' button on your browser to return to the previous page.