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Gene Convention Set for 2003 and Story Contest
"Glamour Girl"

Read the descriptions below and then join in the contest!

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From the moment she awakes to the very last encore of the night,
Gene is the ultimate 'Glamour Girl'.
Hollywood movie studios never had it so good!

Style A (Hollywood Lingerie): Intimate lingerie to relax at home or in her dressing room is made of transparent floaty chiffon. Nightgown has a bodice gathered into a bias or piping top edge and gathered again under the bust. The gown is held up by tiny silk ribbon straps to tie at the shoulder. The robe, also made of chiffon, is made to sit low on the shoulders and has large puffy sleeves with soft fabric ruffles around the arm. The sleeves will puff down softly if made of a single layer of chiffon or can be made to puff out by lining with tulle or netting.

Style B (Pace Setter Suit): A slim fitting back closure dress to start off the day at the movie studio. The coat hooks or buttons at the waist and flairs out to make a fashionable silhouette. Two sleeve versions, straight or flared, are offered. The sleeves can be used separately or doubled up to echo the double brim hat. Make the coat of simple cotton for a coverup when she heads down to 'makeup' or out to the meal tent!

Style C (Glamour Gown): Talk about glamour! The evening gown is about as form fitted as it gets. Shiny satin or silky jacquard is barely held up by an asymetrical chiffon scarf flung over the shoulder, or so it appears! Actually, there is a single strap sewn to the shoulder knot and angling down to the top of the back edge of the dress. The scarf hangs down the back to drift out when she walks. Make the scarf fall all the way to the floor if you want! A full circle of chiffon is sewn into each princess seam to fall from just above the knee to sweep to the floor. What a show stopper! Add a pair of elbow length gloves for the ultimate sophisticated look. Out for the evening or movie thriller?

Going to the movies to dream over the stars and starlets was the perfect date in the 40's. The popular movie theme's of the time were Westerns, Spy Thrillers, and my personal favorite the Romances. The luxuriant costumes and opulent settings of an earlier era inspired an abundance of fabulous movies. Let's see if my Victorian designs inspire a story for you!

Style D (Queen's Court Gown): Inspired by the famous designer Worth, this satin or silk gown is fitted with princess seams and oversize sleeves. Use lace to lavishly decorate the entire gown or keep it simple, the gown itself is fit for a queen. Gloves of course are de rigueur.

Style E (Victorian Walking Gown): For a stroll in the Park or visiting day at the homes of the 'ton', this gown and hat are perfect! Under the form fitted jacket, the camisole style lace edged top can be completely covered up by adding extra buttons down the front of the jacket, or left open to be a bit more revealing. It's Hollywood after all, what would it be without the occasional 'glimse'. Round off the costume with pleated or gathered lace at the bottom of the gown and sleeves. Add a lavishly decorated bonnet for the perfect touch. Trim the edges with narrow braid or silk ribbon to contrast.

Style F (Turn of the Century Bathing or Exercise Costume): Glory Be! Her knees are showing! Tsk! Tsk! An unfitted blouse with tiny puff sleeves and a nautical collar theme is tucked into a knee length pleated skirt and held together with a wide ribbon tied in a large bow at the back. Never fear, that skirt covers a pair of bloomers! A comedy at the beach? There were 'body builders' back then too!

The best Gene Convention Set ever just got even better!
Prepare to sharpen up those pencils or uncap the ink bottle!

"Glamour Girl"
Story Writing Contest!

As you may have figured out by now, I am hoping these designs will inspire you not only to make the costumes but to write your own story for Gene!
Using at least 3 of the costumes from this pattern set, make up your own 'A Day In The Life of Gene Marshall' story. You don't have to limit yourself to using only three of the designs, use all six if you want! Have fun with this and be imaginative!

No purchase of the pattern set is necessary to enter the contest, but adding pictures of the outfits made from the set will certainly add votes and interest to your story.
Print out the registration form for the contest and send it in along with your entry. Your entry may be sent by mail, on cd, or as an email attachment. If you send as an email attachment, make sure you also send me all the information asked for on the entry form.
Registration Form and Official Contest Rules

With the busy holiday season coming up fast and limiting our time for
sewing or writing, so I have set the
Deadline for the contest entry as January 31, 2004
The winners will be determined by private vote. (Advertising your entry IS permitted.)
You must be a member of the Perfect Patterns sewing support group to vote.

Online Instructions: Send your story entry and photos (jpg format, maximum size 100 KB) to me at

Snail Mail Instructions: Send your typed story and photographs to me
Marsha Olson
Perfect Patterns Story Contest
307 Grant Avenue
Eveleth, MN 55734-1523

Each story will be published on it's own webpage until the voting is done. The winning entry webpage will become a permanent part of the Perfect Patterns website.

  • First Prize $115 Cash (with donations added 09-04-03)
  • Second Prize MIB "Encore" Gene
Note: Cash prize donations from the group will be added to the First Prize winner. All other prize donations will be added to the Second Prize winner. Prize donations may be sent to me at the address above before and must be received before the voting begins March 1, 2004.

CS-G4 pattern set is $49.00 plus $5.00 Shipping/Handling ($54.00)
(If you wish to make a cash donation which will be added to the First Prize add $1.00)
As is our policy with Convention Set patterns, shipping of your set will occur at the time of the 2003 Gene Convention. Sept. 24-27, 2003. Pre-orders for the set can be made through Paypal or by mail.