Perfect Pattern Style 175
1853 New Orleans Little French Girl This pattern is for an elaborately decorated dress such as a little French girl might wear in the 1850s times. The skirt is attached to the bodice but separated by a piped edging of a darker color. The same dark color is used to edge the shirred skirt and bodice panels as well as trimming the sleeves and faux lacing on the bodice front. The dress also features wide ruffled lace edging on the skirt hem and the hem of the bell shaped oversleeve. The satin ribbon is threaded through spaces left open for it when the shirred bodice straps are attached, and tied in a large bow in the back. The long gathered undersleeve has lace edged cuffs that open and close for a tight fit around the wrist. For a simple version, the dress can be made without the shirred panels and oversleeve.

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