Sherlyn Lovell - Dallas TX

I live in Duncanville, TX with my husband (H.L.), our protection and guard dog, Shelby, and our two Schnauzers Sam and Princess. I have three (3) grown children (two sons and a daughter). I have a two grandchildren and one great-grand-daughter.

I was born in West Texas and grew up on a ranch outside a little town called Mertzon. I graduated third in my class of 16. I am a graduate of Texas Tech University and am now retired from AT&T. (It was SBC when I retired, before they purchased AT&T.)

Growing up, I loved playing with dolls until I was told I was too old to do that. Now, I have decided I don't have to answer to anybody, so I could do what I want (well, to an extent anyway). Back in the 80's I was introduced to a lady who taught people how to make porcelain dolls. I fell back in love with my childhood passion…dolls! I took lessons from this lady, and I never looked back. I made my own porcelain dolls for years, and still love to make them, but sewing and designing for fashion dolls has taken over. I love working with the fashion dolls of today. My favorites are the 16"-18" tall ladies.

I am a member of the Black Gold Fashion Doll Club in Arlington, TX. We currently have 13 members and I am a former president of the International Dollmakers Assn.

I would say I’m not a collector, but my hundreds of dolls, my husband and my children would argue otherwise.

I LOVE to attend doll conventions. Socializing with other "dolly" people is very satisfying and fun. They are the BEST people.

Along with other friends, I help Sandra Stillwell plan and produce her annual event for fashion dolls, "Sandra Stillwell Presents."
I have also recently joined the Horsman, Ltd. Company as a designer and sample maker. You can see a sample of my work in the photograph below along with a link to the Horsman Company website:

Horsman, Ltd. Company

or if you would like to go directly to see
the lovely Urban Vita dolls at Horsman:

Urban Vita 16" Fashion Dolls

Sherlyn Lovell

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