Welcome to Perfect Patterns Holiday Monthly Challenge!

You must be an active member of the Perfect Patterns yahoogroup in order to win Gold Points in the challenges. There is a link to join the group on home page. In order to be considered an active member you must have purchased a Perfect Pattern from my website within the past year. Purchases made from other than my website, such as eBay or Etsy do not count towards active membership. Any group member can enter the challenges but only active members may win the prizes. Each challenger recieves an entry award of 25 Perfect Patterns Gold Points. One lucky challenger will receive the "Favorite's Award" of 100 Gold Points.
Please email your photo(s) to perfectpatterns@mchsi.com and include your full name and the Style number of the Perfect Pattern you used to create your entry.

December "Twelve Days of Christmas" Challenge #26!
Due Noon Monday December 29, 2014

Choose any theme day from the song "The Twelve Days of Christmas" and dress for your true love!
Any teen or adult body doll, any Perfect Pattern! You'll have a lovely doll to display for Christmas if you hurry!

A Partridge in a Pear Tree -2 Turtle Doves - 3 French Hens - 4 Calling Birds - 5 Golden Rings -6 Geese a Laying
7 Swans a Swimming - 8 Maids a Milking - 9 Ladies Dancing -10 Lords a Leaping - 11 Pipers Piping - 12 Drummers Drumming

Favorite's Award: Carol Lynn Vanderherchen!

November "Homecoming" Challenge #25!
Due Monday Noon November 24, 2014

By request, the new deadline for the November Challenge has been extended one week, to
Monday, December 1st

Homecoming Dance, Football, Cheerleaders! All the wonderful memories of high school
are allowed in this fun and fanciful challenge. Use any adult doll, male or female, to create
your Homecoming scene using any Perfect Pattern.

Favorite's Award: Heather Hill # 2!

October "Cat's and Witches" Challenge #24!
Due Thursday, Noon, October 30, 2014

Spooky! Witches and broomsticks, cat's and jack-o-lanterns!
Really, any theme you want to go with is fine.
Halloween is a time for fun and frolics!
Use any child or adult doll and create your Halloween scene!
Enter as many different costumes as you like, all entries will earn Gold Points!

Favorite's Award: Susan Toye!

September "Back To School" Challenge #23!
Due Tuesday, Noon, September 30, 2014

The first day of school is always exciting and you want to be dressed just so!
What is your idea of the perfect outfit for that important day?
Use any Perfect Pattern to create your perfect Back to School outfit. It can be for a boy, girl, or Teacher!

Favorite's Award: Carol Lynn Vanderherchen!

August/September "Gothic Victorian Walk in the Park" Challenge #22!
Due Wednesday, Noon, September 3, 2014

You may modify any Perfect Pattern to create to create a Victorian fashion for a 'walk in the park'.
The fashion must be gothic in theme, use any single dark color or black.
Your doll may be a child or adult figure.
Have fun!

Favorite's Award: Carla Holland!

July 'Dance The Night Away' Challenge #21! Due Wednesday, Noon, July 23, 2014

You may choose any dance style costume you wish, but we must be able to recognise it clearly as a dance costume.
Ballroom Dancing? Squaredance? Western style Linedancing? Ballet? Make Fred and Ginger proud!
Use any Perfect Pattern for your costume base on any adult figure doll.

Favorite's Award: Connie Crow!

June 'After The Wedding' Challenge #20! Due Friday, Noon June 20, 2014

The wedding is over! You are getting ready for your honeymoon trip to Hawaii!!
What are you wearing for the trip? What era is it?
Your challenge is to dress your adult figure fashion doll in her
best romantic Honeymoon outfit. Use any Perfect Pattern on the website. (Magazine patterns excluded)

Favorite's Award: Carol Lynn AND Carla!
All the outfits are too lovely to choose just one.


May 'Mother's Day' Challenge #19! Due Noon May 16, 2014

You just gave Mom a beautiful corsage and are taking her out for lunch! What is she wearing?
Your challenge is to create an outfit (suit or dress) for the adult figure doll of your choice using any Perfect Pattern.
Is she wearing a hat? Is her corsage on her wrist or collar? Does she have a fur? So many choices!
It's her day! A tribute to our 'young-as-you-feel' Moms!

Favorite's Award: Lois Jean DeRoest!


April Easter Challenge #18! Due Midnight April 18, 2014

Your challenge is to create an outfit and matching hat for the child doll of your choice using any Perfect Pattern.
Your theme is 'Easter Parade' and must include a decorated Easter Bonnet.

Favorite's Award: Duana Gummo!


And for extra fun in April we will be having an Easter Egg Hunt! The eggs will be hidden on the pages of my website for you to find!
Click the picture of the eggs below and it will take you to my Home Page to start your search.
Find all 11 eggs before Easter and I will award you an extra 50 Gold Points if you are an active group member and entered in the April challenge! (see challenge rules)
When you find an egg, click the egg and it will open an email to send me! Make sure you sign your name in the email so you get credit for finding the egg!
Please do not post the egg locations to the group, each of you will want to find it on your own! Thanks!

March St. Patrick's Day Challenge #17! Due midnight March 17, 2014

Your challenge is to create an outfit for the doll of your choice using a single Perfect Pattern.
Your theme is 'Kiss me, I'm Irish'! and must embrace the colors and images associated with St. Patrick's Day.

Favorite's Award: Kathy LaPlante!


February Valentine's Day Challenge #16! Due midnight February 14, 2014

Your challenge is to create a gown for your favorite adult body fashion doll
using a Perfect Pattern. The gown can be any style you like, but it must be
'Valentine' red and white and the design must incorporate the
flower of love, a rose, in a size appropriate to the costume.
Can't wait to see your beautiful 'Valentine Specials!'.

Favorite's Award: Gerry Broerman!


January Recycling Challenge #15! Due midnight January 24, 2014

Your challenge is to create an outfit, gown, or costume from recycled materials or trash that you
would not normally use to create a doll outfit. Have fun!
You may use a fabric base. Start with any Perfect Pattern and the doll of your choice.

Favorite's Award: Carol Lynn Vanderherchen!