Welcome to Perfect Patterns Challenges!

You must be an active member of the Perfect Patterns yahoogroup in order to win Gold Points in the challenges. There is a link to join the group on home page. In order to be considered an active member you must have purchased a Perfect Pattern from my website within the past year. Purchases made from other than my website, such as eBay or Etsy do not count towards active membership. Any group member can enter the challenges but only active members may win the prizes. Each challenger recieves an entry award of 25 Perfect Patterns Gold Points.
One lucky challenger will receive the "Favorite's Award" of 100 Gold Points. You have a better chance of winning if you follow the rules given for each challenge.
Please email your photo(s) to perfectpatterns@mchsi.com and include your full name and the Style number of the Perfect Pattern you used to create your entry.

October "The Spirits Are About To Speak" Challenge #35!
Entries are due by noon (central time) Saturday October 31st, 2015

Your challenge for October is to put your best invisible foot forward and turn your favorite doll into a GHOST!
Use any Perfect Pattern you think is appropriate for your theme.

September "Talk Like A Pirate Day" Challenge #34!
Entries are due by noon (central time) Saturday September 19th, 2015

Your challenge for September is to look and talk like a pirate!
Let's see some treasure chests, pirate flags, or parrots on the shoulder!
Use any doll male or female and have a lot of fun with this challenge! Be the pirate you've always wanted to be!
Find a Perfect Pattern that says 'Pirate!'
Use one original pirate-speak on the chat group the due day of the challenge. (No copying someone else's phrase!)

Favorite's Award: Donna Kaufman!

August "Working Girl" Challenge #33!
Entries are due by noon (central time) Wednesday August 5th, 2015

Your challenge for August is to depict one of those women, teens, and girls who work for a living! You all know someone who works hard and does a good job at whatever they do. She may be the Mayor of your town or the little girl who delivers your papers, whoever she is, honor your favorite 'Working Girl'. Let your picture tell the story, don't make us guess!

Favorite's Award: Joy Aloise!

June "4th of July Blowout" Challenge #32!
Entries are due by noon (central time) Wednesday July 1st, 2015

Your challenge for July is to celebrate your favorite 4th of July parade outfit in red, white, and blue!!
What will your doll wear to see the parade? Use any Perfect Pattern to create a colorful outfit to watch the parade.

Favorite's Award:
Both Entries are Winners!
(each wins 50 Gold Points)

May "Victoria Day" Challenge #31!
Entries are due by noon (central time) Monday May 18, 2015

Your challenge for May is to celebrate Victoria Day with a Victorian costume for the doll of your choice. She (or he) will need a hat and gloves! Have fun!

Favorite's Award: Susan Toye!

April "Spring Flowers" Challenge #30!
Entries are due by noon (central time) Monday April 13, 2015

Dress your little girl or lady doll in her best 'spring flowers' outfit using any floral fabric, floral trim, embroidered ribbon, etc. and any Perfect Pattern.
Happy Easter and Happy Spring!
Favorite's Award: Joy Aloise!

March "St. Patrick's Day Ball" Challenge #29!
Due Noon (central time) Monday March 16, 2015

Our St. Patrick's Day Ball challenges you to garb your adult lady doll with 'The Wearing Of The Green'!
Any shade of green ball gown will work, red hair would be a bonus! An Irish symbol of luck should be included for this celebration.
Favorite's Award: Gerry Broerman!

February "Mardi Gras" Challenge #28!
Due Noon (central time) Monday February 16, 2015

Using the traditional Mardi Gras colors of Purple, Gold, and Green, make a crazy Mardi Gras outfit for any adult figure doll
and using any Perfect Pattern! Beads, Mask, Glitter, Background! Attention to detail will count!
Favorite's Award: Duana Gummo!

January "Fairy Tales" Challenge #27!
Due Noon Monday January 26, 2015

Make your favorite Fairy Tale or Story Poem Character come to life! Use any Perfect Pattern and any doll.
We must be able to recognize the Fairy Tale without any text in the photo.
You may use props such as glass slippers, a lamb, a pail of water, etc., depending on the story. Have fun!

Favorite's Award: Nancy Miller!

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