"Glamour Girl"
Story Writing Contest
Sponsored by
"Perfect Patterns for Fashion Dolls"
307 Grant Avenue
Eveleth MN 55734
(218) 744-2527

No purchase is necessary to send in your contest entry, but by adding pictures of the outfits made from the CS-G4 set it will add interest and votes to your story.

Registration and entry deadline is January 31,2004

Fill in the information below:

STREET ADDRESS:_________________________________________________
CITY / STATE:_____________________________________________________
PHONE (optional):___________________________________________________
E-MAIL ADDRESS (please print):_______________________________________
STORY TITLE:_____________________________________________________

Contest Rules:

1. No purchase is necessary.
2. Using at least three (up to six) of the fashions illustrated below as costume changes in the story,(CS-G4 Pattern Set by Perfect Patterns) write a story using the theme 'A Day In The Life of Gene Marshall'. (Do not use the theme as your story title).
3. Send in your entry along with any photographs of the finished costumes by January 31, 2004 to:
Marsha Olson
Perfect Patterns 'Glamour Girl' Story Contest
307 Grant Avenue
Eveleth, MN 55734
E-mail the story and pictures (jpg format 100KB or less) to Perfect Patterns. E-Mail Perfect Patterns. Please include the contact information requested above.
4. One vote per member. In order to vote in the contest, you must be a member of the perfectpatterns@yahoogroups.com sewing support list.
5. Advertising your entry is allowed and encouraged. Get out there and gather those votes!
6. Prizes will be awarded by popular vote.

Each entry will be posted on the Perfect Patterns website on it's own webpage with your 'byline' and photo's of any finished costumes made from the pattern set Convention Special-Gene4 (CS-G4).
Votes will be accepted from March 1, 2004 and end on March 15, 2004 from the 'voting booth' on the website. One vote per member will be be allowed.

First Prize is $115.00 Cash (and rising due to cash donations)
Second Prize is a NRFB 'Encore' Gene Marshall doll.
Prizes donated by Perfect Patterns

Note: Cash or other prize donations may be added later.