In honor of the 75 years that the ladies (and gentlemen now) have been flying the skies as flight assistants and stewardesses
Perfect Patterns has created a fun set of patterns for fashion dolls such as Silkstone Barbie.
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"Flying the Big Apple"

"On Golden Wings"

Excitement was in the air as Barbie sat impatiently in the airport waiting room for her flight to New York. Mentally checking off everything she had packed for the stewardess's convention, she was surprised when a voice from right behind her spoke up

"Hey girlfriend, you ready for this? What a great convention this is going to be! Wait till you see the old uniform I brought for the 'The Past In Flight' event!"

Barbie smiled as she turned and gave her best friend Sue a big hug.

"Ha!" Barbie exclaimed with a grin, "Mom's Aunt Marge gave me her old uniform and it's going to knock anything you found right off the runway! Boy, have our uniforms of today ever changed from those in 1943!"

The two girls clung to one another and laughed with glee. They were so happy they could go together to the convention. It had been ages since their flying schedules and time off had matched.
"Cocktails At The Rose Club"

Landing in New York, the girls grabbed a cab and went straight to the fabulous restored Plaza Hotel in the heart of the city. They barely had time to check in and rush up to their room to get ready for the evening event, a mixer at the Rose Club, the hotels most famous restaurant!

Keeping in mind the conventions retro theme, Barbie had found a beautiful cocktail gown in old gold color dupioni silk, topped with a sweet little abbreviated bolero jacket with a darling stand up ruffle around the neck. The little satin belt was the perfect touch to show off her tiny waste!

You never know, Barbie mused, if somebody interesting looked her way that cute little jacket might just end up decorating the back of her chair.
"Shopping On Fashion Avenue"

Early the next day Barbie and Sue dressed in their warmest outfits for this cool Fall day and rushed through breakfast. They only had a few hours till their first convention class and they wanted to get in some shopping in New York!

Through the window they noticed a line of horse and buggies waited in front of the hotel for customers. Glancing at each other with sparkling eyes, they immediately agreed that they just had to take a buggy ride.

The girls were glad they had decided on slacks and jackets today, that wind had a bite. Barbie had added a big matching shoulder bag for carrying her purchases.

"Gosh, I sure hope we get back in time for that first convention class today!" said Sue with a smirk. Both girls laughed out loud.
"Stopped Cold"

The hack driver dropped them off near Fashion Avenue. Amazing shop windows were filled with drop-dead gorgeous gowns and couture outfits by big name designers like Brioni, Herrera, and Dior! Every piece way beyond their budgets no doubt...

They hardly had time to look at one before another caught their eye. Racing from one window to the next, Barbie stopped cold in front of a shop advertising Dior originals.

In the window decorated with all the colors of Fall was the most beautiful coat and dress she had ever seen! There was even a matching hat! With stars in her eyes, Barbie decided that no matter the price, this was the outfit she had been saving for.
Exhausted but happy, the girls arrived back at The Plaza chattering about all the wonderful things they had seen.

They had to hurry, their first class was just about to begin. The rest of the day was a blur of convention classes and workshops.
* * * * *

The golden hour was finally upon them. Time to get dressed for the big convention banquet!

Barbie had gone all out and her classic straight retro evening gown suited her to a 'T'. She walked into the banquet room with pride.

Barbie sighed with pleasure and regret that it would all be over soon and she would be on her way home. She knew this was one convention she would never never forget.
Story idea and pattern set by Sherlyn Lovell.