"Squire Phoenix"

Many hours of research went into making the pieces of this costume as close to authentic looking as possible in small scale.

Squire: Young knight in training traditionally served as a body servant to an older established knight to care for his clothing and armor, and to be taught his fighting methods. Most squires started at the tender age of 7 or 8 years old.

This is a medieval boys costume consisting of six basic pieces: a long sleeve back opening silver knit 'chain mail' hauberk (shirt) and coif (hood), brown wool breeks (pants) that are full to the knee and tight to the ankle, a red velveteen tabard, brown faux leather belt, and genuine black leather bracers (wrist guards)with metal studs.
The sword (gift letter opener - look for one anywhere that sells stationary) is not included, sorry.

The knee high cuffed boots are made of heavy bright yellow ultra-suede. They open down the back seam to slip them on and off easily.

The wrist guards, or bracers, are made of real black leather lined in faux leather and worn over the shirt sleeves. Traditionally the bracers are used when fighting to deflect the enemy's sword or arrows. The metal studs helped dull the enemy weapons. They buckle to around the wrist with three small straps.

The belt is made extra length in order to form the knot to hold a sword securely.

$39.00 plus shipping.

If you would like this item in your own collection please contact me privately about 'Squire Phoenix'. Marsha Olson

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