"Celebrate The Night"

Ellowyne goes for a more sophisticated look with this black dupioni silk cocktail dress. Short and sassy, the dress is lengthened with a pleated vintage lace ruffle. The gown is very fitted and fits smoothly over the waist and hips. The long gloves are made of sheer black glissenette and the stockings from a very fine stretch stocking mesh.

Freestyle hand beading makes a lovely contrast on the bodice as well as a strip above the lace hem ruffle. Wide braid is applied to highlight the bead-work.

The cocktail hat is formed from a circle of fine sheer braid and embellished with feathers and grosgrain ribbon.

I would like to sell this outfit for $45.00. If you find that this is something you would like to have for your own collection, please email me privately. Thank you.

Set includes dress, cocktail hat, stockings and gloves.

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