Visual of How To Open and Print a Perfect Patterns PDF
Using Adobe Reader 7.0

1. Create a desktop folder named "Perfect Patterns Style (number)".
2. Save the email attachments to the desktop folder.
3. Open the folder and change the 'View' to Thumbnails so you can see each page of the pattern.

Notice that each page ends in either the number 11 or the number 14
The numbers indicate the size paper for that page.

4. Click open the first page. It will open to full screen and look very large.
DO NOT PRINT FROM THAT PAGE. The pattern will not print to the correct size.

5. In the upper left hand corner click 'File'.

6. In the drop down box click the word 'Print'.

This opens the Print preview pane as shown in the photo below.

7. On the right half of the preview pane will be a small version of your pattern page.
The numbers along the top and side of the pattern page will indicate the size paper the page will print on.
You may have to check or uncheck the box by 'Choose Paper Source by PDF page size' in order to get the correct page size to show in the small preview.
Page Scaling must be set for 'Fit to Printer margins'.

8. Click the 'OK' button to print your pattern page.