"The Ideal of Southern Beauty"

Several years ago a friend and I drove to Savannah Georgia for the Madame Alexander Doll Convention and as part of that convention the Madame Alexander Doll Club sponsored their wonderful Cissy Design Contest.
For quite some time I had been 'designing' a fabulous southern belle gown, along with several others...in my mind. One of the 'several others' did get finished and entered in the contest and won First Place to my intense gratification, but I guess my lovely southern belle just wasn't ready to be built yet because it never got finished...until now. I am so glad I finally got it done, I only wish it could have been completed then. I think the Alexander company would love it too.
I have named it 'The Ideal of Southern Beauty' and I think this title fits Miss Cissy perfectly. Gracious and beautiful, like her namesake, she makes a stunning Southern Belle.

If you are curious to see the contest
first place winner click this link: First Place Winner

From head to toe, the materials for this costume were lovingly gathered over the course of many years. The base fabric for the gown and hat is a silk cord embroidered pale pink vintage sheer from the 1950's era.
The full gathered lower skirt is of the same fabric, but cut from the deeply scalloped edge of the material. Clear Swarovski rhinestones surrounded by aurora borealis seed beads to form little scattered medallions all over the body of the gown. Cissy loves a little sparkle! Because of the vintage nature of the fabric, it has some small discolorations, but they are minor.

A newer silk chiffon in the same pale pink as the gown fabric was pleated for the bodice overlay, the sleeves, and the back of the bodice.
The same silk chiffon was hand fashioned into the roses on the hat and the back of the gown. Folded tulle in a soft pale green has been formed into leaf shapes and a few have been tucked in among the roses.
I used white 100% cotton bleached muslin for the gown lining. I tried first to line with white china silk but it kept forming little folds that were visible through the sheer of the fabric. The muslin worked well and lays nice and smooth for lining this particular gown. The fit of the gown doesn't leave much room for error.

The wide pink ribbons are not satin, they are very old and very thin silk ribbons. I would say the ribbon is from the 1920's or possibly even a little older.
Several layers of gathered tulle are added under the lower part of the skirt to give it substance. Side to side, the gown needs about 18" of display space.

I would like to sell this outfit for $100.00. If you find that this is something you would like to have for your own collection, please email me privately. Thank you.

Set includes gown, picture-frame hat, and gloves.